Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Tuesday Movie Night

Tuesday is when Megapavilion in Penang has RM5 for all movies. †I would usually try to restrain my self watching movies during the weekend as the movie tickets price are usually RM9. †So, last Tuesday I booked two tickets for Harry Potter at 6.30pm. †I went home early and had early dinner and make our way to the cinema, but only arrived at the cinema 15 minutes before the movie. †Unfortunate for us, the booking has been cancelled as the cinema policy is that the tickets must be collected an hour before the movie. †Actually I have initially requested to have the tickets collected late, but guess the person who took the booking did not make the note for the booking. †So we asked if we can just purchase the tickets on the spot, to our surprise, the cinema was already æ filled. †Ok… we then tried other movie, The Punisher, wow, Punisher also æ filled. So, we decided to just walk around BJC and do some shopping instead. †Today, I have pre-booked again, but will not wait till the last minute to get the tickets. †On my way home, I will just pop into the cinema and collect the tickets. †Just to make sure that we make it to Harry Potter this evening. †



Blogger mdmafia said...

Ah...the perks for NOT working in KL.

6/23/2004 5:50 PM  

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