Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Novel Hut Closes

I brought my nephew from Australia to OneStop last Friday to look for some VCD that he wanted. We could not find it in Gurney Plaza and I though One Stop would be the next best destination, since it is so close by. While we were making our way to the various VCD shops, I notice that NovelHut, that has been at OneStop since the beginning of time has closed, and in itís place another bookshop with some Chinese name. Its so sad.. NovelHut has been a place to get comics, old books, and cheap National Geographic mag & a games hut. Unfortunately, at that time, the shop was closed, so I could not go in and find out what happen to NovelHutÖ I could remember, when I was a student in Taiping, when ever we come to Penang, One Stop, sure to stop by Novel Hut to check out the comics thereÖ those were the daysÖ


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